Hudson Mohawke b2b Nikki Nair


Hudson Mohawke, Los Angeles-based Scottish producer born Ross Birchard, occupies an unusual space in music. He is ubiquitous and secretive, mysterious, and unique. His distinctive, self-referential, postmodern sound has made him an essential and irreplaceable part of the soundtrack of our time. His first album in seven years, Cry Sugar (2022), intensifies his maximalist club-master anthems sensitive to this tension that exist between the accessible and the occult, using genres like colours and textures.

Atalanta producer and DJ Nikki Nair has quickly established himself as a respected new voice in the hybrid dance music scene. His productions and DJ technique span multiple club genres, fusing electro, acid, breaks and elements of UK bass with ease and skill into a sound that is uniquely his own.

On their recent collaborative EP Set The Roof (2023), released on Warp, Mohawke and Nair show their ability to work with a wide palette of moods and tempos. A prelude to the b2b performance that this iconic tandem has in store for us at MIRA.