Hüma Utku


Hailing from Istanbul, Berlin-based electronic music composer and sound artist Hüma Utku explores the possibilities of sound textures and rhythm to evoke an ancestral sense within advanced electronic music.

Rejecting genres, Utku fuses field recordings, acoustic instruments, and atmospheric environments with harmonious noise and rough ritualistic rhythms, using sound and music as narrative tools. Her works combine her musical practice with his academic studies in psychology, drawing inspiration from the human condition. His EP Şeb-i Yelda (2018) and debut album Gnosis (2019), released on Karlrecords, earned her recognition for her unique approach to storytelling through electronic music.

At MIRA she will present her second album, The Psychologist, released last year on Editions Mego, with a Live A/V that is a mental journey that is as raw as it is heartbreaking.