Huma feat. Eyesberg 3D LIGHT SHOW


Thursday 07, Nov

Huma is the current solo project of Barcelona-based musician and producer Andrés Satué. Involved in music for over 10 years now, he started out playing in rock bands until moving on to electronics with his previous project Esquelas. He is also co-founder of the Hedonic Reversal label and Bicefal Festival.

With Huma, he seeks to confront the natural with the artificial and interact with these two concepts, their limits and their similarities. The project focuses on converting ideas into sound in a narrative way, combining elements ranging from ambient and electronic music to metal and drone, creating an intense symbiosis between them. Following two outstanding EPs, he is set to release his first LP—“Eva”—through his own label on November 11.

Huma’s performance at MIRA 2019 will feature an exclusive 3D light show by Barcelona-based studio Eyesberg, a creative laboratory specialised in the transformation of spaces into immersive and interactive works of art.