Human Tech Talks with Selay Karasu from Void


⏱️ Thursday 9 

Void is a collective of creators from Istanbul focused on digital arts and animation with a preeminent present and an even more promising future, in line with the rise of a digital scene that has put Turkey on the map of world creativity. They are the flagbearers of this new wave and their work is known across the world, mixing spectacular mappings with AV fulldome shows that stand out for their quality and the digital and narrative speech they transmit.
The Turkish collective will be represented at MIRA 2017 by female artist Selay Karasu, who will present a conference about their career, the creation of fulldome projects and the next steps in a constantly evolving sector; and also presenting the extraordinary 360º Screening ‘Bio-Inspire‘ during the three days of the festival in the MIRA Dome by adidas Originals.


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