Digital Arts Festival

HYPER STUDIO + ALV Adina present Fragmentalismo

Length: 13 minutes

Country: Spain

The world is full of shards of old images. Pieces that escape and belong to the now being part of another time. Our dematerialized bodies travel through data clouds. Reality itself is post-produced and scripted, an effect reproduced as a side effect. At least in some parts of this trajectory, time runs backward, from a hollowed-out future to an imaginary, paralyzed, and sustained past. Far from being opposites in an irreconcilable abyss, image and world are often simplified versions of each other—doors or windows, “other” spaces through which to travel.

HYPER STUDIO is a Madrid-based creative studio focused on designing interactive experiences that link the physical and the virtual. They investigate the relationship between individuals and their technological environments, be it through the movement of the cursor on a screen or the body in space.

Alv_Adina (Mexico) is a music producer, DJ, and psychologist. Through body digitization, he dematerializes and fragments his body into tracks called “Sound Prototypes” to experiment with his feeling and identity. He has created sound for installation projects, audiovisual projects, and digital artists in institutions.