IMP + Frame Drop – Live AV

IMP was born 20 years ago from the mind of Barcelonian Santos Murillo, when it became a rudimentary sequencer handled with MS-DOS. This led him to opt for electronic experimentation in his studio, a kind of hidden laboratory where he spends hours creating soundscapes that connect to the kosmische music. Futurism, space travel, science fiction, are some of the bases that define a detailed and very elegant way to create electronic music.

Having gone through several netlabels, in 2015 the label Titan’s Halo releases his first album on CD, ‘Rain over Orion‘, a sound collage that bears the name fascination of the author by a type of music that moves between the cosmic adventure, intelligent techno and electro space. We must mention the visual part of the AV show, which will be given by the Barcelona studio Frame Drop, formed by Juan Devant and Adrià Rams, two crazy guys specialized on video mapping, visual effects and motion graphics for advertising and TV . The material for the action has been created from scratch and promises to be the perfect counterpoint to bring the audience at  MIRA on this trip that will open the sixth edition of the festival.