Irma Vilà

Irma Vilà i Òdena is a curator, researcher and cultural manager specialised in art, science, technology and society. She is currently a Professor of the Multimedia Master and Degree at UOC and co-director of Mosaic, the online magazine of the studies. She is a member of the laboratory of cultural innovation ZZZINC, she’s part of the creative recycling Luthiers Drapaires and Telenoika collective of visual artists.

Her trajectory includes international projects that blend scientific research, culture and curator such in the l’Atles de l’Espai Electromagnetic, the chronology of the utopias of l’Espectre Radioelèctric or exposures at Laboratory of Arts Santa Mònica, and in institutions such as the CCCB or at festivals like ArtFutura.

Thursday 6 6.30 PM – Arts Santa Mònica