James Holden & The Animal Spirits


⏱️ Friday 10

Krautrock, jazz, modular synths and trance with James Holden at the helm and accompanied by his new band, the new material from this English magician is a mix that promises strong sensations. Coming to MIRA 2017 and with visuals from Dan Tombs, they will perform for the first time in Spain. A preview of the album ‘The Animal Spirits’ (Border Community) has already been published, to be released next November 3, just before the festival, and it’s all that mix and more.
The band is formed by collaborators that Holden has been molding during his tours around the world – with Tom Paige playing drums and Etienne Jaumet the saxo, and the sound they have made has a wild base that brings together the vigorous melodies of their own modular synths with a phenomenal wind, string and percussion support. All a psychedelic trip that will make us fly without leaving the ground.