James Holden


James Holden, the British electronic hero at the forefront of the Border Community label, finds it difficult to settle down. As soon as he finds himself momentarily aligned with a musical environment (trance, progressive house, minimal techno, IDM, synth, jazz…), his explorations lead him to new horizons. 

Producer, remixer, DJ, label boss, synth master, bandleader, mix engineer, software developer, and general jack-of-all-trades in music, he has played multiple roles throughout his twenty-year career.

At MIRA he will present his first solo studio album in six years, Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities live, a collage of rave music for a parallel universe in which he takes a closer look at his own musical past: rippling dancefloor melancholy, swirling kinetic arpeggios and hazy vocals awaken the distant memory of his former career as an international DJ and star remixer, while synth and drums, pagan noise, synthesized strings and the nostalgia of his ground-breaking The Inheritors remain omnipresent.