Digital Arts Festival

Jankenpopp + Zombectro – Live AV

It’s not easy to describe these two artists without resorting quickly to an adjective: technological wizards. Or maybe magical techno-geeks. French duo Jankenpopp & Zombectro have the huge freedom to do what they please to, and they do it very well. 8BIT world’s passionate -thought all that this implies in terms of clunkers, cables, imagination and nostalgia-, they have earned a solid reputation for performing live AV shows that seem taken from what could be the most punk digital version of any Isaac Asimov’s book.
Windows 93 is their best known project and the one they’ll be presenting in two forms inside MIRA 2016’s program. They are going to explain the creation process of this website, a sort of totally special tribute to the Windows 95 operating system, but much more rebellious, fun and addictive. And right after the talk, they will make a performance where pixels, music channeled through game consoles, and multimedia collide during the time that this couple of crazy techies put onstage their brilliant proposal.