Jason Voltaire is an interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal. Always in search of new methods to craft video, Voltaire’s work touches upon motion graphics design as well a 3D graphics and programming. He is heavily interested in breathing an auratic essence into his workflow all the while keeping it concise. He often refers back to the past but re-contextualises it to have his say within contemporary conversations.

Along with his boundary-pushing visual work, Voltaire also creates future-facing bootyhouse and ghettotech as Martyn Bootyspoon, having recently released his first EP “Silk Eternity” on Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones’ multimedia platform Fractal Fantasy.

But at MIRA 2018, he will be showcasing the work he has prepared exclusively as the visual dimension for his long-time collaborator Avalon Emerson’s closing dj set.