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Silvia Jiménez Alvarez aka JASSS is a Berlin-based sound artist, producer and DJ, born and raised in Asturias. His full-length debut album Weightless demonstrated his visceral approach to avant-garde songwriting, which he underlined by developing a live ensemble called STEAM alongside visual artist Theresa Baumgartner in 2018.

The year 2020 brings JASSS’s first solo album since 2018: an apocalyptic and dramatic presentation to Whities’ esteemed catalog titled “Turbo Olé” / “We Solve This Talking”.

He arrives at MIRA 2021 together with the visual artist Razorade to perform a show curated by the festival where they will close the main stage with content specially prepared for the occasion.

Razorade is a visual artist based in Barcelona whose work revolves around the impact of overstimulation in digital environments as well as the concept of identity in them. As an artist, his main field is CGI, having worked in editorials for Dazed (Out of this world, 2021) and with other artists such as Grimes in the visuals of Biohaque (2019) and Maccarone gallery (2020) or collaborating on various projects with others. CGI artists like Sevi Iko and Dario Alva.