Jlin Live – Visuals by Florence To

The footwork queen lands in Barcelona for MIRA 2016, and it will be thanks to Red Bull Music Academy that Jlin will offer the best of her repertoire in a Live Set. We are talking about a North-American artist who is changing an entire genre through new rhythmic patterns and particularly sensual and elegant melodies, expanding the global nature of this scene and, ultimately, taking the footwork and the public tension to unknown limits.
The first time Mike Paradinas heard her sounds he was forever caught by the its beauty and potential and she immediately signed to his label, Planet Mu. Her last year debut album, ‘Dark Energy‘ meant for many the consolidation of a huge talent that was firstly shown in the seminal ‘Bangs and Works’ compilation.

For her performance, she will be accompanied on stage by brilliant visual artist Florence To and the classy touch of dancer and choreographer Avril Stormy Ungera multi-disciplinary show with audiovisuals and dancing stained with a vocal cutting house which guarantee imperatively dance, class and finesse, the self production of a woman charged equally with hardness and sensitivity.