Digital Arts Festival

Job Jobse – DJ set

With only 19 years old  he learned what meant to be resident DJ of one of the most famous clubs, the legendary 11, in his native Amsterdam. Later on he worked with the Berlin label Innervisions, back in 2010.  Job Jobse returned to the orange capital to work as a booker in the Trouw club. He is currently resident DJ of the famous Drupkers, where he has his own weekly party and he is the head of the popular label Life and Death.  


Jobse is one of the greatest European DJs for being in possession of a privileged taste for music and exceptional quality for live mixing. His dj set, which will close the sixth edition of MIRA, promises to be a good opportunity for those who do not know him in first person. A session that will be a pure dance travel by the most current, bright and varied electronics. Acid, electro, italo, house … this guy does it all. Promote collaborations among musicians and visual artists on stage is one of the priorities at MIRA as a digital art event. In this case, this results in the incorporation of visual artist Jem The Misfit, thereby creating an exclusive and unique AV show for the festival audience.