Jordi Masso & Drone Club present Smartzombies


Thursday 07, Friday 08, Saturday 09

Humanity is rapidly losing its real identity in exchange for virtuality. People are hiding behind social networks with usernames and images that are a manipulated version of our own reality. Work, entertainment, information, friendship, love… Practically everything is managed from a mobile phone on which our lives seem to depend. “Smartzombies” is a story set in a not too distant future, in which mobile phones have transformed our everyday lives and become indispensable in carrying out even the most quotidian of actions, as those who develop them seek to make us even less human and transform us into technology-dependent zombies. 

Jordi Massó is an audiovisual artist and member of Eyesberg Studio whose work focuses on new media, mapping, real-time visuals and immersive environments. Drone Club are a music collective from the Alt Empordà region of Catalunya who create emotional soundscapes through the use of analogue synthesisers.

You’ll be able to experience “Smartzombies” in the MIRA Dome by adidas Originals on 7, 8, 9 November.