Digital Arts Festival

Jordi Massó presents Warp it

IDEAL – Digital Arts Center

Length: 15 minutes

Country: Spain

This is an ode to all the video freaks who have spent so many sleepless nights, filming points and lines in front of a building to make a video mapping. A dreamlike universe of test patterns, pixels, frames, and some other video error. A journey that shows the hidden art of warping processes in immersive environments.

Jordi Massó is a visual artist focusing on video mapping, real-time visuals, and immersive and interactive environments. He was part of Eyesberg Studio where he participated in large format installations for events, theater, and opera, collaborating with artists such as Franc Aleu, Albert Pla, or La Fura dels Baus. Solo debuts in 2019 with the full-dome film “Smartzombies”, presented at MIRA. He is currently in charge of the technical video direction of the IDEAL digital arts center, specializing in immersive projections.