Jude Marcella


Friday 08, Nov

Jude Marcella is a digital artist born and based in London. Since completing her BA in animation in 2017, she has worked on a wide range of projects including short films, music videos, printed media and more. Having begun her explorations into the world of art and the creation of images through painting, she eventually felt something was missing in static media, and began to experiment with 3D animation as a way of generating images that also have movement and exist in different dimensions. Some of the recurring themes that appear in her work include intimate, handheld and close-up cinematography, plants and textiles, and a creeping sense of claustrophobia or entrapment.

Commissioned by MIRA, and for her first ever show in Spain, Jude Marcella will perform an exclusive visual set created specifically to accompany Skee Mask’s DJ set. Together they will do the honours of closing the main stage on one of the nights.