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Kali Malone feat. Rainer Kohlberger


Fabra i Coats
Saturday 09, Nov

Imagine a vast, resonant space. In that space, a massive organ, billowing deep drones from its pipes. Sitting in the centre of that space is Kali Malone, surrounded by various string and wind instruments, a lute and a gong, all resonating along with the frequencies she’s channeling through a Buchla 200…

Using synthetic and acoustic instrumentation, the US-born Stockholm-based musician and sound artist creates rich harmonic textures that emit a distinct emotive hue, generating a captivating depth of focus. Following various releases, 2018 saw the publication of two very special records: “Organ Dirges 2016-2017” (Ascetic House) and “Cast of Mind” (Hallow Ground), along with the collaborative LP “The Torrid Eye” alongside Acronym. Malone recently released the spellbinding “The Sacrificial Code” (iDEAL Recordings), the album she’ll be presenting at MIRA 2019.

Commissioned by MIRA, Kali Malone will perform an exclusive A/V show in collaboration with Austrian visual artist Rainer Kohlberger, whose work is primarily based on algorithmic composition and influenced by how layers of noise, drones and stroboscopic light unfold a sense of the infinite.