Digital Arts Festival

Kassem Mosse


Cult German producer Gunnar Wendel, better known as Kassem Mosse, has carved out a unique sound that has been labeled too slow to be techno, but too sparse to be house. In addition to running his own label Ominira, he frequently collaborates with Workshop, Honest Jon’s, and The Trilogy Tapes.

Mosse began making waves in 2006 with his debut on the queer label and collective Mikrodisko, surprising an inquisitive scene with his dusty, suffocating, and hazy productions. Over the course of three acclaimed albums – Workshop 19 (2014), Disclosure (2016), and Chilazon Gaiden (2017) – his style has evolved by stripping back and revealing his core while extracting warm characteristics from free, avant-garde jazz. This 2023 has seen the release of his first solo LP in six years, Workshop 32, in which he dispels the darkness of his early work with a more crystalline palette.

His collaborative projects include Zigtrax (with Tapes and Mix Mup), FIT+KM (with FIT Siegel), and the experimental duos MM/KM (with Mix Mup), Kolorit (with Lowtec) and Dillon Wendel (with Beatrice Dillon), and he has released solo works under other aliases such as DJ Residue (TTT) and Seltene Erden (Youth).