Digital Arts Festival

KEIKEN + Nati Cerutti present Digital Pleasures


With Nati Cerruti, Leila Davis, AGF HYDRA, Keiken, Sophie Mars, Suzannah Pettigrew and George Jasper Stone.

Stranding into the future of digital pleasure, Keiken and Nati Cerutti present an immersive performance evolved from the performative lecture “Honey I’m Data!”, a microcosm of perpetual growth, nurtured and networked by the artists.

‘Digital Pleasure’ analyses the future of pleasure and intimacy through discussion, performance, live sound by Nati Cerutti and video/3D digital animation by video designer George Jasper Stone, Suzannah Pettigrew and Keiken. Professional pole dancer/performer Leila Davis and performance artist Sophie Mars, both in HYDRA Sartorial Latex uniform, will experiment with their practice by executing independent but interconnected choreographies, inspired and accompanied by a projection of AGF HYDRA’s performance film co-produced in collaboration with PHILE Magazine. A fluid exploration of AI and transpersonal thinking, collectively transcending into the cyberverse towards a cosmic perspective of selfless love, a digital pleasure.

The audio/visual experience of ‘Digital Pleasure’ will be documented and released as ROT #2 in collaboration with La Radio.

Keiken are artists, art directors, and musicians, working collaboratively in a networked practice that merges multiple voices and mediums with collective critical thinking to create immersive experiences. Working with interactive contemporary art and the latest technologies, Keiken apply world-building techniques to imagine networked, layered futures in order to test-drive implications. Keiken have exhibited and curated at CTM and Transmediale’s Vorspiel festival, U Studio at Tate St Ives, London Design Festival and Hervisions, Second Home, London. They have also presented lectures, talks and workshops at LUX Moving Image, Space Art + Technology, KNOW-WAVE Radio and Goldsmiths University. They were the first artists to have their virtual reality film projected 22,000 light years into space by Jon Pettigrew for Planet3artnews.

Nati Cerutti is an Argentinian artist, based between Berlin and Copenhagen. Through various processes of sound crafting, synthesising, sonic scores, spatial sound, improvisation and text/sound composition she creates immersive, raw atmospheres. Her conceptual art production is defined by the simple expression of complex thought and experimentation. Using a blend of sonic pulses, voice manipulations with raw and dark sounds, she creates blurring shifting states. She has showcased her work at Sentimental Punk in Kotti Shop #30, CTM and Transmediale’s Vorspiel festival (Berlin), Gallery Haimney (Barcelona), La Radio (Barcelona) and London Design Festival (London).

Format – Conference and Performance

Moderator + 4 speakers + 2 performers + 1 sound artist