Digital Arts Festival

Kim Ann Foxman – DJ set

In love with geek and fan of Grace Jones -‘I love her because she has balls and she is the last alien on earth’-, North-American Kim Ann Foxman has taken a definite turn in her career while remixing and collaborating with many artists. Now she is focused on doing what she likes best,  lifting entire clubs with her sessions and produce rabid electronic music, this lively woman just triggered the birth of the label Firehouse alongside the Vinyl Factory.


She works with a clear mission: to represent the taste and shape of a city like New York -lives in Brooklyn-, and be a part of its abundant musical history through the songs produced in her own studio (Resident Advisor). At MIRA 2016 she will perform a DJ set bearing the playful bass, percussions, and rhythm to the level that electronic dance music deserves today. Promote collaborations among musicians and visual artists on stage is one of the priorities at MIRA as a digital art event. In this case, this results in the incorporation of Barcelonian Boldtron, thereby creating an exclusive and unique AV show for the festival audience.