Digital Arts Festival

Konx-Om-Pax – Live AV

Tom ‘Konx-om-Pax’ Scholefield has become one of the most powerful and recognized visual artist.  From Glasglow he has multiple facets as an artist: musician, producer, illustrator and visual artist. It all began in his native Paisley, being the resident DJ of Club 69, where he mixed acid techno and taking advantage of a special sensitivity that clashed with the reigning British rawness. For 5 years he got to the point of raising his own studio and founded a label, Display Copy, dedicated primarily to  experimental sounds of noise. In addition, he has continued to make music with great success, he has mixed covers and visuals for such respectable names like Warp, Mogwai, Underground Resistance, Oneohtrix Point Never or Hyperdub.

This talented artist reaches MIRA 2016 with two goals: the first, a Live AV Show,where he will present for the first time in Spain his latest album ‘Caramel’ (Planet Mu, 2016), a unique journey between the ambient, noise and rave music that has received amazing reviews; the other in visual command in the AV Live show with Lone, another exclusive premiere for the public at MIRA in Barcelona after his overwhelming passage through the first edition of MIRA Berlin.