Digital Arts Festival

LAKKER present TUNDRA – 360º fulldome AV

After a decade experimenting with various genres -their debut album ‘Ruido’ (R&S, 2007) proves it incontestably-, the duo formed by Irish-born Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith have been billed a distinctive and genuine techno for labels like Killekill, Blueprint and Stroboscopic Artefacts.
‘Tundra’ (R&S,2016), published in May and their very first LP, is a sample of the expansive nature of Lakker. This is a work that consolidates their ideas, strengthens the coral production and serves as an indicator of the existing chemistry within the two parts. And, according to Resident Advisor, “even if it has songs that may seem sensible at first glance, oozes this darky background presence these great sculptors of moods and tension have done so well for years”.
For this edition of the festival, Lakker will adapt ‘Tundra’ to 360º format for their performance in the MIRA Dome, accompanied by a visual content created specially for the occasion: immersive, dark, evolving and full of abstract textures.