Digital Arts Festival

Lanark Artefax


Scottish electronic musician Lanark Artefax blurs the boundaries between experimental sound design and hybrid musical forms. With a clear influence of 90S IDM, his complex productions made a huge impact on the underground dance music scene of the mid-2010s, with pioneers such as Aphex Twin and Björk among his followers.

The artist debuted with the Glasz EP (2016) on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label, followed by another on London’s AD 93, Whities 011 (2017), which included the anthemic Touch Absence and was widely acclaimed as one of the best electronic music releases of that year. During this period he also premiered his debut Live A/V show: an all out sensory assault of strobe and warped sound design that centred around a large LED obelisk on stage. Glasgow-based label Numbers released his follow-up EP, Corra Linn (2019), which further strengthened the artist’s hybrid sonic, this time combining laser-sharp digital synthesis and hyperspatial sound design with the ethereal choral synth arrangements often heard on previous releases. Recently, Lanark Artefax has also started creating sculptural objects and other visual works.

MIRA is one of only two performances that the artist has confirmed for 2023. It will be the premiere in our country of his new audio-visual live show.