Digital Arts Festival

LED mapping and expressive lighting control with ProtoPixel


⏱️ Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 

MIRA 2017 is organising the workshop ‘LED mapping and expressive lighting control with ProtoPixel’. It is a pleasure to carry it out in cooperation with ProtoPixel, the renowned studio of Barcelona that is changing the way that we experience the light through the use of a simple and intelligent lighting technology. To do this, they offer an ecosystem of programmable, self-learning, with sensors and connected lighting that makes the dynamic control of the light easier than ever.
The teachers of the workshop, which will take place at Fabra i Coats on 8 and 9 November, are Carles F. Julià, co-founder of ProtoPixel, Doctor in tangible interfaces and Master in cognitive systems and interactive media; and Jonas Johanson, a designer passionate about machines and nature that explores art and technology through the light, space and the sculpture, always in the synthesis of analogue and digital.
If you are a designer, creative coder, visual artist or a DIY culture enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity of learning about the world LED and sign up at bit.ly/WorkshopMIRA2017, spaces are limited!