Digital Arts Festival

Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth present FOLDINGS Live AV

The briton Lee Gamble has become an excellent producer and DJ, among other reasons, as a result of carrying out an ongoing exploration around electronic music, often from his position as the label owner of UIQ, as remixer, fan and explorer of jungle, computer music and noise. Meanwhile, his compatriot Dave Gaskarth is a graphic designer and video artist who has expanded his palette to include performances at festivals, galleries and, from a more commercial angle, for names like Black Sabbath.


At one point, these two childhood friends had the happy idea of uniting talent, quality time and end up creating endless material.  ‘Foldings’, the AV show to be held at MIRA 2016 and for the first time in Spain is the result of a futuristic and imaginary digital masterpiece that simulates space exploration, somewhat delocalized, which uses visual material from the European Space Agency, and magnificent  mapping and 3D renders, a multimedia show where Gamble provides the soundtrack through ambient and techno.