Digital Arts Festival

Light: A spiritual tool. Roundtable with Antoni Arola, Guillermo Santoma and Anna Irina. Moderated by Oriol Ocaña


Espacio Simon 100
Wednesday 30, Oct

Light has always been a fundamental element for artistic and architectural development: it acts as  guidance and as a functional element in space, but used correctly, can also be an emotional and spiritual tool that is able to transform any space into an experience. This roundtable explores the role that lighting plays in the artistic context, light as a tool that allows creating different spatial environments, an indicator and transformer, a suggestive tool that influences the visual experience. 

It will feature three Barcelona-based artists and designers who work with light in their pursuits to construct objects, create art pieces and carry out spatial designs—Antoni Arola, Guillermo Santoma and Anna Irina—and will be moderated by researcher and teacher Oriol Ocaña.

The roundtable will take place in the SIMON 100 space in Barcelona’s Poble Nou neighbourhood as part of the MIRA Festival & SIMON present DUALISM: LIGHT AND DARKNESS event on October 30 (free entrance until full capacity).