Digital Arts Festival

Lolo & Sosaku presents TORQUÉ

Torque is a vector quantity that can be defined as the moment of force or dynamic moment. It is the measure of the force applied to a rod in order to turn an object. Torque, when referring to the power of an engine, only tells us the force and speed with which the engine can move, never its direction.

In 2022, Lolo & Sosaku suspend a car, at around a 90˚ angle, in the central space at Galería Alegría. It is their first individual exhibition at the gallery, and the first that is not designed as a site-specific piece, but rather as a silent exhibition of atrocities. The alien nature of this machine is revealed by stripping it back, in an abnormal reveal. The piece structures a showcase created by the simultaneity of several moments of force. An immobile machine, depicting the immanent reality of the perpetual mechanics surrounding it.