Digital Arts Festival

Lone + Konx-om-Pax – Live AV

It’s a fact: the Briton Lone is an artist capable of playing various genres without losing strength, quality and originality. Matthew Cutler has published 5 albums and more than 100 songs in R & S, Werk Discs and in his own label, Magic Wire, mixing hazy beats, hip hop, house, classic rave and Detroit Techno, gradually building a strong and very distinctive sound, characterized by warm synths, bright melodies and “up-hands moments”, all in the midst of unbridled enthusiasm that shows a musician doing what he likes. And if that was not enough, he has also produced Azealia Banks and has done remixes for Radiohead, Nathan Fake and Underworld.


If to the enormous potential of his recent album ‘Levitate’ (R & S, 2016) we add that he’ll be accompanied onstage by the powerful and rhythmic sound of drummer Chris Boot and Tom Scholefield (Konx-om-Pax) playing the visual part, we here have an astonishing Live AV Show of which we could prove to be a big one in MIRA Berlin, and also should be said that their performance will be the first and only chance to see them live in Barcelona this November and on stage at Fabra i Coats.