North American producer and dj James Whipple (aka M.E.S.H.) is a sonic alchemist of the highest order, distilling found sounds, hard percussion, violent cinematic effects and virtual-acoustic instrumentation and transforming them all beyond recognition in the isolation of his Berlin studio.

Resident and co-founder of trailblazing club night Janus, M.E.S.H. has been putting out oblique dance music and alien soundscapes since his first release for PAN in 2014. On his most recent album for the label, “Hesaitix”, the atmosphere has shifted and the radical deconstruction of previous releases has given way to more up-front, club-ready percussion and an even higher level of sonic definition. He is currently preparing for the release of new material featuring surprising collaborations.

M.E.S.H.’s performance as part of the PAN showcase at MIRA 2018, on Thursday, 8th November, will feature visual work by San Francisco-based multimedia artist Michael Guidetti and will provide a vision of what is to come in this unique artist’s soundworld.