Mary Lattimore


Espacio Simon 100
Wednesday 30, Oct

Mary Lattimore is a Los Angeles-based musician who uses her harp, effects and voice to conjure up beautifully abstracted sonic forms that evoke a host of memories, landscapes and allusions. Her music explores a realm of wordless narratives in which extended harp improvisations morph into spectral songforms.

Following various solo and collaborative releases, including recordings with Meg Baird (Espers), Mac McCaughan (Superchunk) and Steve Gunn, she released her latest solo album “Hundreds of Days” on Ghostly International in 2018. This astounding body of work has recently been re-interpreted and remixed by artists including Julianna Barwick, King Britt, Steve Moore and Jonsi.

Mary Lattimore’s performance at MIRA 2019 will feature visual work by Issac Williams, and will take place in the SIMON 100 space in Barcelona’s Poble Nou neighbourhood as part of the MIRA Festival & SIMON present DUALISM: LIGHT AND DARKNESS event on October 30 (free entrance until full capacity). This artist represents the “LIGHT” element of the event.