Max Cooper presents Emergence

Max Cooper combines classic modernist sounds – rather than following trends – with rationality, excess and exuberance. From his native Ireland through his college experience in Nottingham up to London, where he lives, his talent has impacted over 50 releases that can range from the most abstract sound to perfect tunes for the dance floor. In March of this year he has released his first LP titled Human in Fields Label

Since some time ago, visuals are becoming more and more important in his performances and videos. In MIRA 2014 he will perform an audiovisual show halfway between experimental and dance music.

For a while now he researches and develops presentations giving importance to the image, and in this opportunity he comes with an audiovisual show halfway between experimental music of his repertoire and dance music.



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Saturday 15 9.15 PM – 10.15 PM – Fabra i Coats