¡miércoles! is comprised of dancer Stéphanie Janaina and musician Nicolás Jaar. For live appearances, they improvise for a set duration of time (usually 3 hours). Everything is created in the space, nothing is played back or prepared. Because of the long duration of the piece, people are free to enter and leave the performance area as they wish. A small, show-specific publication is distributed to audience members as they enter the space. This publication shows the creative process behind the artists’ practice and collaboration. It is made up of text and images, mainly in Spanish, and is compiled by artist and graphic designer Maziyar Pahlevan (who does not understand Spanish). ¡miércoles! (“Wednesday!” in Spanish) is the day of the week named after Mercury. The show may only be performed on Wednesdays. The first performance by ¡miércoles! will be on a Thursday. The only image used to represent ¡miércoles! is the black and white symbol of Mercury.

Stéphanie Janaina is a Mexican choreographer, artist and dancer. Nicolás Jaar is a NY-born Chilean musician and recording artist. Maziyar Pahlevan is a NY-based Iranian graphic designer and artist.

For MIRA 2018, the artists will make use of a 50 speaker set up constructed by creative studio Intorno Labs in the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia on the 8th of November. The audience will be asked to sit on the floor in silence.