Friday 08, Nov

“Welcome back from the zone” states a disembodied voice towards the end of the closing track to Nihiloxica’s debut EP. That zone is exactly where the group comprised of the Bugandan Nilotika Cultural Ensemble percussionists, UK-based drummer/producer Spooky-J and synth player/producer PQ aim to take the listener—directly to the underworld and back. 

Closely associated to trailblazing Ugandan label Nyege Nyege Tapes, Nihiloxica have released two mind/body-crushing EPs, both recorded live in single takes. Their most recent EP, “Biiri”, encapsulates the intensity, power and life-force of their cross-cultural experiment, and offers a snapshot of how it sounds and feels like to experience their trance-inducing fusion of the euphoria of indigenous Bugandan percussion with the darkness of European club music in a live scenario. As Tricky once rapped: “Distant drums bring the news of a kill tonight…”

Their performance at MIRA 2019 is set to be a ritual experience like no other.