Objekt is the contemporary DJ’s DJ. Unpredictable, hypnotic and compelling, his sets span styles, decades and BPMs as he navigates freely between techno of all forms, off-kilter experimental beats, breakneck electro, acid, noise, house, EBM and anything else necessary to illustrate his vision of electronic music. His acclaimed contribution to Tresor’s Kern mix series and B2B sets with Dj Stingray, Call Super, etc. are proof of his high levels of craftsmanship and versatility.

As a producer, the Berlin-based, UK-raised artist has released some of the most forward-thinking dance music of the 2010s. Just listen back to his landmark “Cactus” 12″, released on Hessle Audio in 2012, and his “Flatland” LP on PAN. Add to this his involvement in the development of software for Native Instruments and it becomes even clearer that we are faced with an artist who knows his craft inside and out.

Objekt’s DJ set as part of the MIRA 2018 afterparty at Razzmatazz will surely be one to be remembered.

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