Omar Prole


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Omar Prole started in the VJ scene when VHS players were still used and the loops were shot at 320×240. He has been part of different groups such as ProletariCratz, la Màquina de Turing or Telenoika Mapping (within the Telenoika cultural association, of which he was a member for 10 years). Developing Vjing pieces, mapping, lighting installations or audiovisual scenarios, on his own accord or collaborating with other artists, he has performed at a long list of national and international festivals.
Omar has created the fabulous 360º Screening ‘Pantheos’, a piece of video art that will be screened at the MIRA Dome by Adidas Originals during the three days of the festival. In his own words, Pantheos is the result of syncretism between cosmogonies, creationist myths from different religions and modern cosmological theories of the origins of the universe, and tries to imagine the mythological account of the Genesis of a virtual universe.