Saturday 09, Nov

Stemming from the Northern Irish city of Derry, up-and-coming DJ and producer Orlagh Dooley aka Or:la is a sonic force to be reckoned with. Her kaleidoscopic approach to creating music and DJing has lead her to rapidly carve a name out for herself and become an NTS and WHP resident, set up and run the Meine Nacht nomadic club night, and found the Deep Sea Frequency and Céad labels.

Or:la first burst onto the production scene in 2016 with her debut EP “UK Lonely”, followed by the “Farewell 24” EP, both on Hotflush Recordings. The success of these led her to co-found the Deep Sea Frequency label through which she has released her own productions as well as records by DJ Seinfeld and Pépe. As with her own tracks, her sound behind the decks is wide-ranging and expansive.

As part of the Afterparty at Razzmatazz on Saturday 9 November, Or:la’s set at MIRA 2019 will be the perfect opportunity for us to experience her tell a story through her dynamic, genre-spanning selections.