Ouchhh presents BLACK HOLE


Ouchhh is a global creative studio that focuses on digital art and new media. It specialises in immersive and interactive experiences, AI, data painting and sculpture, as well as kinetic works. The collective is made up of a team of engineers, academics, creative programmers, designers, artists and graphic designers. Together, they work collaboratively to create innovative projects that merge art and technology.

Premiere in Spain, Black Hole is a fulldome screening piece created by digital artist Eylul Duranagac that explores the fascinating world of gravitational waves and black holes. With more than 73,000 special data sets, the artist uses detailed information about masses, locations in the sky and distances, to visualize the fusion signals of black holes. Through this work, you can enter the unfathomable darkness of black holes and discover the complexity and mystery of the ever-expanding universe.