OUCHHH presents Poetic {AI}


IDEAL – Digital Arts Center
Wednesday 06, Nov

Poetic {AI} is a project that through artificial intelligence has managed to capture, analyse and reinterpret thousands of books and articles on light, physics, space and time, and transform the content into an audiovisual experience. By using machine learning and AI algorithms, it reflects the “poetic journey of AI” and the theories that it may create based on theories generated by scientists who have continually altered our understanding of the world. The result is the 3D visualisation (in b&w) of the entire data corpus of material that was used during the training of the recurrent neural network by means of t-SNE (t-distributed stochastic neighbour embedding): a machine learning algorithm for visualisation of high-dimensional data.

The immersive piece was developed and directed by new media artists Ferdi Alici and Eylul Duranagac of Turkish studio Ouchhh, dedicated to creating experiences that combine AI and artistic interaction, in collaboration with a team of people including sound designer Mehmet Unal (Audiofil).

The show is set to take place in IDEAL—Spain’s first digital arts centre—as part of the MIRA Festival + adidas Originals present THE NARRATIVES FOR IMMERSION event on 6 November.