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Known for their infectious club-ready sound, born out of a love of 90s rave, trance and breakbeat, the British brothers Overmono have made huge strides, establishing themselves at the forefront of contemporary electronic music.

Raised in Wales, brothers Tom and Ed Russell already had successful musical careers before they began collaborating as Overmono: Tom was known for his hard techno as Truss and Ed for his rave-infused bass project, Tessela. After coming together in the studio, their unique blend of avant-garde electronic music with influences from classic rave, trance and early 90s techno caught the attention of influential UK label XL Recordings, who signed the brothers instantly. After debuting with the Arla trilogy of EPs in the mid-2010s, the duo became a permanent fixture in the club world, performing at major festivals, releasing anthems such as ‘So U Kno’ (2021) and collaborating with Joy Orbison. Their first commercial mix, Fabric Presents Overmono, appeared in 2021, and the Cash Romantic EP followed in 2022.

Two years after they performed a DJ set at MIRA, this 2023 they will return with an audiovisual live show to present their first album on XL, Good Lies, perfecting their blend of U.K. club music and U.S. R&B influences, moulding and weaving catchy vocal cuts with multi-genre electronic sounds that flit between euphoria and melancholy.