⏱️ Thursday 9 

patten started out as the solo project of a musician whose name has never been known, first on his Kaleidoscope label and later on with the album ‘GLAQJO XAACSSO’ (No Pain in Pop, 2011). Two years later he signed for Warp, where in 2014 he edited the phenomenal ‘ESTOILE NAIANT’, consolidating a sound that brilliantly combines several genres of modern cuts with industrial base.
In 2016, already in a duo format known only with the mysterious initials A and D, they released Ψ (Warp, 2016) and expanded a sound with pop and post punk shades, always based on electronic. They comes to MIRA 2017 to perform a spectacular LIVE A/V where music travels through a network of lasers and projections created by 555-5555, the creative collective that allows them to develop live an audiovisual environment that connects with the avant-garde of the stage design and video installations.