Paul Prudence

Paul Prudence makes direct visual performances, he is a film artist who works with algorithms and generated environments. His work, which has been shown internationally, is focused on the way in which music, space and form can be intertwined to create cinematic and visual / musical experiences. He is known for his complex geometric narrative where the design of electroacoustic sound and compositions are precisely synchronized.

He also develops the investigation blog Dataisnature in which he writes about the interrelationships between the natural process, computer systems and the practical arts based procedure. He is also a contributing writer in Neural Magazine and Holo Magazine, both publications deal with art, electronic music and computational creativity.

In MIRA Festival, Prudence speak at the Arts Santa Mònica about digital art in real time, explain its work processes and take us into his creative world through the Cyclotone performance.

Friday 7 7.00 PM – Arts Santa Mònica