Digital Arts Festival

Pedro Torres presents GLÍA


Pedro Torres is a visual artist whose artistic practice focuses on the concepts of time, distance, memory, language and image. The latter is always present as a mechanism, tool and concept in his works, as well as theories and scientific approaches. Using and exploring different media and processes, he develops works and research projects in a methodological, intuitive and poetic way.

Glía is a set of light sculptures in movement, inspired by the human nervous system, which reflects on complex and independent systems. Based on drawings by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the artist has created an intertwining of threads and neon lights, a circuit of tubes and fog, and a sound composition. A brain-sculpture with curtains of threads that function as a membrane that defines and questions what interior and exterior space is; of neon lights that operate on the basis of electrochemical connections such as synapses, and a circuit of fog that represents a fluid field of possibilities for the flow of information.