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Saturday 09, Nov

Alicante-born Susana Hernandez Pulido (aka Ylia, Terrence and founder of Animah Records) and Caracas-born Francisco Mejía (aka Phran and DJ Phidias) share a mutual love for experimentation and improvisation in the creative process. Take a walk through the iconic Barcelona barrio of Poblenou on any given day and you’re certain to encounter either Phran or Ylia going to jam or DJ together at the studio.

Following solo releases on labels such as Klasse Wrecks, Rhythm Control, Sin Hilo and Animah, the Barcelona-based duo eventually whittled down their epic, improvised jam sessions into the shape of 5 tracks and released their “One Hand Clap” EP on Hooded Records in 2018. On this 12″, as in a live format, they make full use of drum machines, synthesizers and all sorts of effects pedals to arrive at the intersection of humour, psychedelia and hedonistic dance music.

The duo’s live show at MIRA 2019 will mark their biggest performance to date and is sure to set bodies in motion and lead to even greater things.