Digital Arts Festival

Pfadfinderei – VJ set

Pfadfinderei is synonymous with talent, quality, style and creative expansion for more than a decade. The Berlin-based design and motion graphics studio represents categorically the best of a fundamental part of contemporary digital art by signing the visual content of memorable shows created alongside electronica key figures such as Modeselektor, Paul Kalkbrenner, Tiga or Moderat, and as for having produced fine works of graphic, space, and lighting design, installations, clips and motion graphics pieces. The German sextet will repeat participation in MIRA, but this time in a different venue. After performing with The Field an elegant, powerful AV show in our first edition in Berlin, they will head to Barcelona to play an exclusive for the occasion performance alongside a musician that will be unveiled later.


A collective that has as its motto ‘First class digital shit’ can only offer top works like the one we’ll see in Fabra i Coats: live visuals that certainly are stories in themselves, combinations of images with a very particular narrative created for each performance handmade. Pfadfinderei aim to put on display the creative speech of the conjunction of several artists and get it perfectly.