Digital Arts Festival

Plaid & The Bee – Live AV

Plaid are the quintessence of composers and producers who remain faithful to a foundational idea. As members of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ movement in the early 90s with contemporary totems such as Autechre,  Aphex Twin and Orbital, the couple formed by Ed Handley and Andy Turner is the perfect embodiment of a whole -not just musical- generation that elegantly brought to electronica a brilliant rhythmic variation and sensual textures that served as a counterpart to the hard and gimmicky hype firstly brought by the English rave explosion.


Back in 2011 they crowned our first edition’s line up, giving a performance to remember. Now they are back at MIRA having evolved technically and methodologically. Their new album ‘The Digging Remedy’, published by Warp and the one they will perform live for the first time in Spain,  a work that follows the primal path of rhythmic groove and emotional connection with the audience, through original techno melodies and a fine sound design. Adding synthesizers, acoustic guitars, flutes and hip hop beats. Their show at MIRA will be accompanied onstage by The Bee (guitarist Benet Walsh) and also their own visuals in a performance that really promises to be a top AV, designed for the public to open their ears and eyes with an aim to surround them by the ravishing beauty Plaid emanates.