Thursday 07, Nov

Rally is a Valencia-based accelerated electronic music collective made up of video artists, producers and DJs who find inspiration in demolitions, broken dishes, Mad Max cars, a punching bag with you inside it, being chased by a pack of rabid dogs, Mech Ryan, all the falls from Takeshi’s Castle played one after another, looking at yourself in a mirror and thinking that your face seems familiar, the scene in Indiana Jones in which he’s being chased by a giant stone, the core of the RMBK reactor collapsing, Renfe’s website, the explosion in Akira, Asuka Moreno, the ugliest “fallas” in Valencia, Jigglypuff Terrorcore, your hot air balloon popping 3 km from the ground… that’s what Rally sounds like, so put on your helmet and come along for the ride.

Artists such as Arca, Total Freedom, Daniel Benza, Marco Henri and Plaskas have all played and wreaked havoc at their parties.