Ralp is the main sonic incarnation of Barcelona based experimentalist and technology enthusiast Raül Peix. A major figure in the Catalan electronic DIY scene, he honed his skills in the circuit bending and 8 bit worlds, eventually focusing on the possibilities of modular synth systems. Based on the collision between analogue and digital, hardware and software and complex and primitive work flows, his is a constant exploration of how vintage, modified and modern equipment can interact.

He is founding member of Device and Amigo Total, the Barcelona design studios responsible for MIRA’s image for the majority of its past editions, and is also part of electronic “post-rap” projects Judder and Ultramiedo. Highly prolific, he has released material on a wide array of labels including Calm, Abstrakt Reflections and his own Distortledbox and Lowtoy.

Following acclaimed performances in different formats during past editions of MIRA, this time Ralp will take over the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia for a fully modular set 100% oriented to the dancefloor.