Espacio Simon 100
Wednesday 30, Oct

Arduous paths that traverse uncharted sonic terrain define Refectori, alias of Catalan artist Xavier Longàs, whose work is inspired by the physical transformation and dissolution of organic elements, generating new textures.

Following the “Carreus” EP (self-released 2014) and “Natura Morta” (Bestiarie, 2016), Refectori released his first album “Espleni” in the spring of 2019 on Barcelona-based label Hedonic Reversal. This most recent work stems from the recording of his everyday surroundings, manipulating them and combining them with sparse elements to create glacial soundscapes. 

Refectori’s performance at MIRA 2019 will focus on the more ambient side of the spectrum and will feature visual work by Júlia Aguilar. It will take place in the SIMON 100 space in Barcelona’s Poble Nou neighbourhood as part of the MIRA Festival & SIMON present DUALISM: LIGHT AND DARKNESS event on October 30 (free entrance until full capacity). This artist represents the “DARKNESS” element of the event.