Rian Treanor & Leila Ziu head to MIRA 2021 to present their new live AV dance performance, developed and adapted from their 2021 video Altered States on the Dancefloor. Costume, choreography and dance are entwined with high pressure sound, stroboscopic light and vivid multi-screen projections. Creating playful and disruptive interventions between the audience and performer, exploring the new possibilities of what it means to be physically present in a space together.

Rian Treanor is a sound maker from Rotherham. He has released records on Planet Mu, The Death of Rave and Warp sub-label Arcola. Using the programming language Max/MSP he develops bespoke software to explore extended rhythmic techniques and algorithmic processes, building devices that enable spontaneous pattern modulation within various collaborations, workshops, live performances and installations

Leila Ziu is a multidisciplinary artist, performer and filmmaker whose practice focuses on the playful and absurd. Creating bizarre worlds through performance, costume, live art, video and musical collaborations. Her work often explores a re-processing of absorbed information — regurgitating it back in paradoxical and perverse ways. The work usually starts with a question, in which the answers are discovered through a sense of play, improvisation and trial & error. www.leilaziu.com